ISO 50001

The ISO 50001:2011 standard – Energy Management Systems – Requirements and User Guide stipulates the requirements for the Energy Management System (EnMS), based on which an organization can develop and implement an energy policy and can set up objectives, targets and action plans which take into consideration the legal requirements and the information regarding the significant usage of energy.
Implementation of an Energy Management System allows the organization to meet its commitments regarding the policy, to undertake the needed actions to improve its energetic performance and to prove the compliance of the system with the requirements of this standard.

This standard can be used for certification, registration and statutory declaration of an organization’s energy management system.sme
This does not establish absolute requirements for the energetic performance, therefore, two organizations with similar activity, but with different energetic performance, can both be compliant with the requirements of this standard.

In order to design, document and implement this type of system in your organization, ACTA delivers upon request the following services:

  1. Diagnose audit:
    • Organization processes audit;
    • Evaluation of the energy management system;
    • Status report and recommendations;
  1. System design and documentation (policies, procedures, manual, forms and instructions);
  2. Implementation (internal communication, training);
  3. Periodical internal audit;
  4. Energy balance sheet;
  5. Support in preparing for the certification audit;
  6. Second-party auditing (with suppliers or partners);

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