ISO 14001

The ISO 14001:2005 standard specifies the requirements for designing, implementing and certifying environment management systems. It facilitates the process of setting up and implementing of an environment policy and environment objectives, as per the legal requirements applicable to the activity that the organizations undertake.
This standard is applicable to any field of activity and to any organization. Implementing an environment management system brings the management of an organization to reconsider the activity of all the company functions which have an impact upon the environment.
• Waste management cost reduction;environment
• Minimized energy, water and raw material consumption;
• An improved company image to its clients and to the authorities;
• A continuous improvement of the capacity to protect the environment,
• Meeting the requirements needed to participate in tender processes;
Areas of action:
• Environment management systems
• Environment audit
• Evaluation of the degree to which the human communities are protected against industrial activities negatively impacting the environment
• Classification based on environmental policy
• Evaluation of the life cycles of products and services
In order to design, document and implement this type of system in your organization, ACTA delivers upon request the following services:
Diagnose audit:
• Organization processes audit;
• Process mapping;
• Evaluation of the policies and practices, objectives and indicators;
• Evaluation of the compliance with the legal framework;
• Identifying the environmental risks;
Status report and recommendations;
System design and documentation (policies, procedures, manual, forms and instructions);
System implementation (internal communication, training);
Periodical internal audit;
Support in preparing for the certification audit;
Second-party auditing (with suppliers or partners);
Support in second-party auditing with partners and clients;

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