About us

We are a team of specialists with over 10 years of experience in consulting and auditing of management systems. We have strengthened our competencies by practicing with a wide range of industries, have built our know-how by studying consistently with prestigious universities and have gained our expertise during over 600 auditing & consulting missions.

Our services include:

  1. Management systems consulting
  2. Diagnose Audit:
    • organization processes audit;
    • system evaluation;
    • system testing;
    • status reports and recommendations;
  3. Designing and documenting the management systems:
    • system manual
    • policies
    • procedures
    • work instructions
    • forms
  4. Implementing the management systems:
    • Internal communication
    • Training
  5. Support in preparing for the certification audit:
    • Internal audit
    • Findings report
    • Solving the nonconformities and improvement methods
  6. Consultancy and specialized services:
    • Business continuity and disaster recovery plans;
    • Penetration tests and social engineering;
    • IT systems testing and evaluation;
  7. Auditing services:
    • Second-party auditing (with suppliers or partners);
    • Periodical internal auditing;
  8. Training:
    • Awareness training regarding the management systems
    • Legal framework training
    • Documenting the management systems
    • Training of internal auditors
  9. Courses:
    • Communication
    • Leadership
    • Management essentials
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Project management (PMI method)
    • Managing innovation and creativity

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